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Image by Frank Flores

The Complete 1:1 Diastasis Programme

Are you lacking confidence with your diastasis rehab? Not sure if you have a diastasis and if you do, what you should or shouldn’t do to help it? 

In this virtual package we will get a complete understanding of you, your tummy, how your core works, what you are struggling with and what your goals are.

Understanding the diastasis

We will assess your tummy, understand the diastasis, assess how you move and what influences the diastasis and develop a comprehensive plan of action to strengthen and reinforce your diastasis. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will have 3 follow sessions to ensure that you are getting stronger and building strength that is right for you. 

You can be as early as 6 weeks postnatal to many years postnatal, if this is a concern for you this course will be perfect to help you understand your core and diastasis better and reignite your confidence with movement again.

The course is £300 which includes:

  • 4 x hour long sessions on zoom with Rosie over 12 weeks 

  • A complete and comprehensive understanding of what exercises work for you 

  • An understanding of the cues that work best for you to engage your core and how to apply this to any movement, position or exercise 

  • Option to contact Rosie via Whatsapp between sessions to update on exercises if needed 

  • A long term plan on action following the end of the 1:1 course to ensure progression and improvement

You can either pay the course fee of £300 as a one-time payment or split this into 3 monthly instalments.

Who I've helped with Diastasis

‘Rosie has been a huge source of support and advice in helping me repair my body, especially my core since having my second child. My first appointment with Rosie (at 3 months postpartum) left me feeling far more optimistic and empowered in terms of knowing what initial physio exercises to do and what pelvic floor exercises were appropriate.


From the first assessment, Rosie was able to diagnose which parts of my body needed strengthening and repairing and from that, she compiled a bespoke plan to help me achieve my goals of having a strong and functioning core and, returning to running.’

Catherine, Bristol

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