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pelvic health mentorship

1:1 Mentorship

This mentorship programme is ideal for any personal trainer, exercise rehab specialist, Pilates instructor or yoga teacher that has done their pre and post natal training and looking to deepen their knowledge and learning in this area and have 1:1 support from a specialist physiotherapist.

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Would it suit you?

If you have done all the right training to get where you are and you're now seeing clients but have questions about their symptoms, their progress and how you can help them to achieve the goals that they have come to you for help with then this will be perfect for you.


Depending on the package you choose you will get 1:1 support from a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist who can answer your queries and help guide you through any challenges you face with your clients.


There is no commitment, so you can cancel at any point or when you feel you have gained as much confidence as you need.

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