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Coaches and Health Professionals
Mentorship Programme

Are you a coach or trainer that works predominantly with women

Do you want to learn from an experienced pelvic health physio and improve your knowledge for your clients in 2024? 

If so, this mentorship programme will be amazing for you!

Would it suit you?

Do you want to increase your knowledge in the areas of pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, training in pregnancy, menopause and diastasis?


Rosie is a strong believer in mentoring. She has benefitted from mentors throughout her career and it has helped her gain the experience and skills she uses with her clients everyday.


It is an invaluable tool that is often overlooked but can increase your confidence and practical skills, particularly within such a growing and ever-changing area of health. 


The aim of this mentorship programme is to guide you and your practice over the year to increase your knowledge and practical skills in helping the women you see every day. 

You will have a monthly 1:1 mentoring sessions with Rosie to discuss any challenging clients. 

You will also get access to 4 online webinars with guest speakers on pelvic health topics that will improve your practice and skills. 

This is an opportunity not to miss out on and is an amazing way to increase your confidence and skill in this area of pelvic health coaching and training.


Sign up to join the  Mentorship Programme

The monthly 1;1 mentoring sessions are included in the package upon booking but will be re-arranged to a convenient time between you and Rosie after booking.


The live webinars will be confirmed at the time of booking - all webinars are recorded. 


Why choose me as your mentor? I’m glad you asked! I’m Rosie, a pelvic health physio, I love exercise, movement and sport and if you know me you know I am more than happy to talk to ANYONE about all things pelvic health!


I use the full spectrum of my clinical skills on a daily basis to help women unlock their full potential with improving their function, movement or confidence and help them explore what their body is capable of achieving.


Whether you are new to the area of women’s health, want to develop the skills you have learnt over a long period of time, are a healthcare professional wanting more guidance in this area or just have a simple desire to check in with someone on a regular basis to provide the best service for your existing clients – this is for you.


I have a deep understanding of the power of mentorship and I have over a decade of clinical skills in sports and pelvic health physiotherapy. I am professionally trained in physiotherapy at degree level and have completed various pelvic health courses and exams.#

I have worked with Olympic athletes returning to their sport after childbirth, high level cross-fit athletes wanting to perform their sport leak free, helped over 1500 new Mum’s in their return to function and exercise post childbirth, taught 100’s of GP’s on the importance benefits of looking after pelvic health and many other women seeking help with their pelvic function.


So far, on the mentorship programme, I have helped women’s health PT’s, physios and osteopaths unlock their full potential with the clients they work with. They have improved their clinical assessment skills, communication styles and helped reason some of the problems they have faced.

We will work together to understand your areas of need, what skills you want to develop over the next few months and where you want to focus on building more confidence.

Laura, Women's Health Coach, London

Thanks so much, I found Dr Morgan's Menopause webinar so informative - loads of it I didn’t know and will find it useful knowledge in my training for sure.

Ruth, Pelvic health physio 

This mentorship programme has been so worth the investment. It has given me loads more confidence with my assessment skills and helping the women I work with - the improvements they are making is great to see as a result - Thank you

Annie, Women's health osteopath

I just wanted to message to say I just had a women's health client and managed to keep the appointment time down to 1hr 15mins!! Even with a fussing baby in the room with us. This was due to a combination of your case history advice as well as taking everything on board we discussed in the sessions and finally feeling confident my knowledge is there.

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