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Pelvic Floor 101

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Do you struggle to know where to start when it comes to your pelvic floor? Have you been asked whether you are doing your pelvic floor exercises but have no idea whether you are doing the right thing or even know why you need to be doing them? Don't worry, I get it! This course includes a series of 5 short videos and 3 worksheets to help you get an understanding of it and that you can work through on your morning commute, at your desk and in your own time. It will take you through: - The importance of understanding and finding your pelvic floor and a guided demonstration of how to do your pelvic floor exercises. - A complete overview of the function and anatomy of your pelvic floor, - How to apply this to any stage of your life - Know what habits you can start that will positively impact your pelvic health Don't waste another moment and download your pelvic floor 101 now!

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