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Your Clients and their Diastasis 



Presented by Rosie,
Founder of Mae Physiotherapy

We will spend an evening learning all about diastasis and how you can help improve your own and also your clients awareness of this and how you can help them to adapt their exercise and training.

Do you work with postnatal women who suffer with diastasis?


Are you feeling lost with knowing how to help them or feel that their training has plateaued?


Do you want to deepen your understanding about how and why a diastasis happens and get up to date with the current medical research?


If so then this workshop will be perfect for you.

At this event we will cover

Anatomy and function of the abdomen

Why diastasis happens

How the abdominal wall responds to load and impact, and how you can use this to improve your clients results

When to regress training load

What other factors to consider with it

There will be a Q+A at the end for you to ask any questions you might have

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Spend an evening deepening your knowledge on the diastasis and learn how to apply this to how your client exercises. Suitable for PTs
23 Mar 2022, 18:00 – 20:00 GMT
The Forge,
Colston Yard, Bristol BS1 5BD, UK
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