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Pre and postnatal physiotherapy

post natal physiotherapy




'The Roman Goddess for growth and Motherhood' 

Mae has been designed for you, our vision is to put you at the core of your pre and post-natal journey, whatever that may look like.

Hello, I'm Rosie

I'm a physiotherapist that specialises in pelvic health physiotherapy, particularly women that are pregnant or have had a baby. Talking about pelvic health related problems or concerns still feels like it can be a bit ‘taboo’ and I want to help change that and make talking about your pelvic health easy!

Mae is an online platform of educational courses, 1:1 packages and memberships for women who are pre or post natal and want to prioritise their pelvic health.

- Rosie

Mae has been designed and founded by Rosie Cardale, an experienced physiotherapist who specialises in pre and post natal pelvic health. Rosie is also a certified APPI Pilates instructor and 200 YTTC yoga instructor

Rosie has a wealth of experience working with pre and post natal women and has been successfully educating women for many years on how to better understand their bodies, throughout all stages of life, but particularly at this stage.


Rosie understands that sport and exercise are important and often essential parts of people’s lives. Movement and exercise can make you feel good, increase your confidence and improve your mental wellbeing.


Here at Mae we wholeheartedly encourage a return to sports and exercise and it just comes down to the right education and programme for you. The products and services at Mae have been designed with you in mind. They put you at the centre of your pre or post-natal journey.


Whether you purchase a course or choose a 1:1 package, our services have been tailored using years of experience in understanding women and their bodies.


Mae is here to increase your understanding and confidence in your body enabling you to move well and return safely and positively to sport and exercise.


I saw Rosie on the recommendation of a friend, and I am so glad I did! I had a complicated birth and needed some help getting back my physical strength, comfort and function - her input was a total game changer. I cannot thank her or recommend her enough.

I have found Rosie to be the perfect mix of incredibly knowledgeable and professional, as well as hugely empathetic, and always keeping my goals - including getting back my fitness and body confidence - as the priority.

Amazing results and support with the guidance of Rosie. After my first baby I was keen to start exercise again but wanted to have an assessment to ensure a safe and gradual recovery. Thanks to this I feel truly on the road to recovery and fitness.

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