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The Fourth Trimester Masterclass

Online Masterclass


Presented by Rosie,
Founder of Mae Physiotherapy

Welcome to ‘The Fourth Trimester Masterclass’, taught by pelvic health physiotherapist Rosie Cardale. You will have an opportunity in this masterclass to ask all those questions that you wish were covered in the NCT classes about YOUR postnatal recovery and what your 0-12 week postnatal recovery is likely to look like.

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09 Jul 2024, 19:00
Online Event

You will leave the masterclass with a clear understanding of what to do to optimise tour postnatal recovery - We will go through:

What are normal healing time frames?

What movements can you do now?

What can you do to help optimise your postnatal recovery?

How much is too much in this stage?

How to look after a c-section, episiotomy or tear?

How and when to ask for help

Recent feedback from recent atendee's

Great workshop. Informative, evidence based but with personal experiences also which made it feel more realistic and applicable. Will be joining the next!’

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