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Your clients and their pelvic floor 

Online Workshop


Presented by Rosie,
Founder of Mae Physiotherapy

This online workshop will give you a full depth of knowledge on what the pelvic floor is and how it works, particularly with movement. It’s a perfect course if you are a physio or health professional and you want to understand the role and function of the pelvic floor, or if you are a personal trainer and want to deepen your understanding of how to help your clients with their pelvic floor and cues to give with their movement and strength training. 

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Your clients and their pelvic floor - online workshop
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In this workshop we will cover

Anatomy and function of the pelvic floor 

How the muscle works with your movement 

How the muscle responds to intra-abdominal pressure, load and impact 

When and how to progress or regress training

What habits can impact the health of the muscle over time

Develop some simple cues and tips to apply to your clients

Recent feedback from the workshop

Great workshop. Informative, evidence based but with personal experiences also which made it feel more realistic and applicable. Will be joining the next!’

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