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Your clients and their Diastasis 

Online Workshop


Presented by Rosie,
Founder of Mae Physiotherapy

Do you work with pre and post-natal women and want to deepen your knowledge on all things abdominal gapping or diastasis? This online workshop will give you the tools to help women who suffer with diastasis. 

This workshop is a fantastic resource to help get an inside understanding of the applied anatomy and some useful clinical tips that Rosie, an experienced pelvic health physiotherapist, uses in her day-to-day practice to gain results with her clients. 

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Your clients and their diastasis - Online Version
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This workshop will allow you to:

Deepen your understanding of what it is and why it happens 

Understand some simple techniques and principles to help women with diastasis 

Understand what exercises to set women with diastasis recti and how to strengthen them with their diastasis in mind

Become familiar with what objective measures are important to focus on for women with diastasis recti. 

Help women to reduce their fear of movement when they notice these changes to their abdomen 

Develop some simple cues and tips to apply to your clients

Recent feedback from the workshop

Great workshop. Informative, evidence based but with personal experiences also which made it feel more realistic and applicable. Will be joining the next!’

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