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The difference in postnatal care across the channel

I recently had a very good friend, who actually happens to be my old French exchange student, come to stay with me here in England. It was lovely to catch up and see her and she brought her 2 year old child with her too.

One evening, once her child had gone to bed, we were discussing the difference in care between the UK and France. I told her about The Fourth Trimester E-Book that I was writing and she couldn't believe that this information wasn't readily available to women who had just had a baby.

She told me about the care she had received and explained that she was given weekly visits from the health visitor team following the birth of her son, this team were on 24/7 call for her, any day of the week on WhatsApp. They helped her with breastfeeding, provided support to the new Dad and any queries or problems they encountered, they would help sort it out.

She was also given as many pelvic health physio appointments as she needed, all on the state and is still in communication with the physio now if she needs it.

To say it makes me frustrated and angry about the lack of help women get here in the UK is an understatement. It seems that in France, they prioritise the women's health and function and in the UK the focus is on the baby's. Obviously, both baby and Mum should be looked after but the Mother needs far more help that is currently being provided to them.

This is exactly why I have written my NEW Fourth Trimester E-Book . It will provide you with all the answer that the women in France receive with no problem, all in an easy to read format and at the touch of your fingertips.

It's perfect if you are still pregnant and want to know what to expect in these first few weeks or even if you have just delivered and are feeling a little lost with your postnatal recovery. You could even buy it as a gift for a friend or relative who you feel would benefit from knowing more about this information.

I hope you are enjoying your summer and staying hydrated in this lovely weather.

Speak soon


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