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The Complete Postnatal Runner E-Book

Want to get back to running after the birth of your baby? Of course, you do – it’s a cost effective and great form of exercise – but did you know that it’s not as straight forward as just donning your trainers when the GP gives you the all clear?

The female body is a truly remarkable thing. In the space of 9 months, your body adapts and change to grow a new life, a feat that should not be underestimated.


There is an expectation, particularly in today’s society, that the body and mind can and will immediately return to its pre-pregnancy state.

This is not realistic and not supported by science.

This e-book will give you the tools to help you feel empowered so that your body can and will return to a state that is strong and confident.


The e-book will provide you with all the information you need to develop a functional body that will allow you to run, free from injuries or problems.

The Complete Postnatal Runner E-Book

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